Volume 2 Issue 3

IJER Volume 2 Issue 3 is publishing on 1 July 2013

Design of a High Speed Multiplier (Ancient Vedic Mathematics Approach) [Download]

R. Sridevi, Anirudh Palakurthi, Akhila Sadhula, Hafsa Mahreen


Surface Morphology and Microstructure of   Zinc Deposit From Imidazole with Zinc Chloride Low Temperature Molten Salt Electrolyte in The Presence of Aluminium Chloride [Download]

Shanmugasigamani Srinivasan, M. Selvam


A Review of Different Techniques on Digital Image Watermarking Scheme [Download]

Y. Shantikumar Singh, B. Pushpa Devi, and Kh. Manglem Singh


Feasibility Study of Moringa Oleifera as a Natural Coagulant for the Treatment of Dairy Wastewater [Download]

Pallavi N., Dr. S. Mahesh


Study of Variations in Urban and Hydrological Components in Process of Urbanization [Download]

Sheetal Sharma, Alka Bharat, Vinay M. Das


Design and Development of Low Power Wireless Sensor System for Measurement and Monitoring of Bio-Medical Parameters [Download]

D. Vishnu Vardhan, K. Soundara Rajan, Y. Narasimha Murthy


Optimization of Vibration Energy Harvesting on Wind-Spear [Download]

S. Nagakalyan,  B. Raghu Kumar, K. V. Abhilash


Global Maximum Power Point Tracking of Photovoltaic Array under Partial Shaded Conditions [Download]

G.Shobana, P. Sornadeepika, Dr. R. Ramaprabha


Concept of a Supervector Processor: A Vector Approach to Superscalar Processor, Design and Performance Analysis [Download]

Deepak Kumar, Ranjan Kumar Behera, K. S. Pandey


Balancing Energy Consumption to Maximize Network Lifetime in Data-Gathering Sensor Networks [Download]

Sudhanshu Chauhan, Naveen Chauhan


Performance Comparison of Turbo Code in WIMAX System with Various Detection Techniques [Download]

Vikas Tursenia


A Review on Multiple Emitter Location and Signal Parameter Estimation[Download]

Sandeep Santosh, Karan Sharma


A Review on ESPRIT-Estimation of Signal Parameters via Rotational Invariance Techniques[Download] 

Karan Sharma,Sandeep Santosh


A Comparative Study on Numerical Buckling Analysis for a Cantilever Steel Pipe Column under Combined Loads [Download]

Yungang Zhan, Minxin Li


A Framework for Quantification of Effect of Drainage Quality on Structural and Functional Performance of Pavement [Download]

Jitendra Gurjar, Pradeep Kumar Agarwal, Manoj Kumar Sharma


Design Based Improvement in a Three Pan Jaggery Making Plant For Rural India [Download]

 Pankaj K Arya, Satish Kumar, U. K. Jaiswal

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