Volume 2 Issue 7

Modeling and the Congestion Relief in WLANs using Ad hoc Networks [Download]

GK Srinivasa Gowda, Dr. C.V.Srikrishna


Eco Friendly and Cost-Effective Reagent for Coal Flotation [Download]

N.Vasumathi, T.V.Vijaya Kumar, S.Subba Rao, S.Prabhakar, G.Bhaskar Raju, S.Shiva Kumar, Uma Raman


Investigation of Electromagnetic Interference in CMOS Power  Distribution Networks [Download]

M.Lakshminarasimhacharyulu, Murthy sarma, K. Lal kishore


Soil-Water Characteristic Curve Modeling at Low Water Content: Empirical and Semi-Empirical Approaches[Download]

Marcel Bawindsom Kébré, François Ouédraogo, Naon Betaboalé


3D Real Time Tracking and Recognization of Moving object  using Kalman Filter [Download]

Sachin Kaushik


Mitigation of Harmonics by Fuzzy logic controlled Series Compensator [Download]

D.Kavitha, Dr.P.Renuga, S.Muthamil Priya, S.Sadaiappan


Mechanical System for Preventing Wheel Lock in Automobiles [Download]

Vivek Yadav


Applicability of Forecasting Models and Techniques for Stationery Business: A Case Study from Sri Lanka [Download]

Dewmini Danushika Illeperuma, Thashika Rupasinghe


Effect of Vertical Vibration on Block Foundation Resting on Homogeneous and Layered Medium [Download]

Ankesh Kumar, Dr. Bappaditya Manna, Prof. K. S. Rao


Scalable Content Management System [Download]

Sandeep Krishna S, Jayant Dani


Control of Molecular Weight Distribution in Batch Emulsion Polymerization using PID Controller: Case Studies [Download]

Parul Arora, Alok Gupta


Mathematical Modeling of an Automobile Damper [Download]

N. B. Kate, T. A. Jadhav


Static and Dynamic Coupling and Cohesion Measures in Object Oriented Programming [Download]

 Vasudha Dixit, Dr. Rajeev Vishwkarma

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