Volume 2 Issue 8

This issue was published on 1 Dec 2013

Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.15.4 Propagation Parameters [Download]

Nidal AbidAl-Hamid Al-Dmour


Analysis of a New Design Structure For Reflectarray Antennas [Download]

 W. Moulessehoul, S.M. Meriah


Performance Analysis of Radio over Fiber with Wdm PON System [Download]

Rakesh Chandan, Prem Nath Suman, Dharmendra Singh


A High Speed CMOS Parallel Counter Using Pipeline Partitioning [Download]

K. Thamaraiselvan, C. Gayathri, N. Divya


Simulation of a 3 Gb/s SAC-OCDMA Based on Multi-Diagonal Code [Download]

Ashwani Tiwari, Dharmendra Singh


 Implementation & Analysis of AWG as A Mux / Dmux at the WDM PON System [Download]

 Prem Nath Suman, Rakesh Chandan, Dharmendra Singh


Channel Equalization in Communication System Using Weiner Filter and Neural Network [Download]


 Virendra Singh Chaudhary,Dr.Madhu Shandilya

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