Volume 3 Issue 1

Optimization of Flotation Process for Reduction of Alumina and Silica from Screw Classifier Overflow of an Iron Ore Washing Plant [Download]

T V Vijaya Kumar, S J Gopalkrishna


 Privacy Preserving Biometric Verification [Download]

Angarika Jadhav, Prof. N. M. Shahane


A Comparative Study of Nanofluids for Tuneable Filter Operation [Download]

Fairuza Faiz, Ebad Zahir


Transient Magnetohydrodynamic flow of two immiscible Fluids through a horizontal channel [Download]

Abdul Mateen


Sustaining Soil Fertility Using ICT in Indian Agricultural Fields [Download]

Deepak Rao B, Dr. Nagesh H R, Dr. H G Joshi


Prediction of Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites [Download]

P Sivaraj, G Rajeshkumar


Avoiding Loops and Packet Losses in Internet Service Protocol Networks [Download]

B. Priyanka 



Visual Secret Sharing Using Cryptography [Download]

Shital B. Pawar, Prof. N. M. Shahane


A Quantitative Model for Measuring the Project and Feeding Buffers in CCM Method by Fuzzy Approach (Case Study: Construction of Industrial Wastewater Treatment Unit at Lorestan Petrochemical Company, Iran) [Download]

Hadis Yaghoubzadeh, Emad Roghanian

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