Volume 3 Issue 12

Calculation Of Transport Coefficients Of Air-Water Vapor Mixtures Thermal Plasmas Used In Circuit Breakers [Download]

Kohio Niéssan, Kagoné Abdoul Karim, Koalaga Zacharie, Zougmoré François , Njomo Donatien.


Embedded System Based Sensor Failiure Detection and Industrial Environment Controll Over Wireless Network [Download]

Ravishankar A , Pandian R


Micronutrients Status of Bio fuel Plant (Moringa) Irrigated By Diluted Seawater As Affected By Silicate And Salicylic Acid [Download]

Hussein M.M., Al-Ashry S.M., Wafaa Haggag and Nesreen H. Abou-Baker


Passive Optical Network Supporting Seamless Integration of RoF and OFDMA Signals [Download]

M.Baskar, T.Gnanasekaran, T.S.Arulananth


Dynamic Channel Allocation Technique for Distributed Multi-radio Multichannel Multi-path Routing Protocol in Wireless Mesh Networks [Download]

Shreenidhi.P.L , Ranganath H R, Puttamadappa C, Basavaraju T G


Power Variation with Electret Surface Potential and Frequency of Vibration in Vertical Vibration based Cantilever-Electret Micro-Power Generation [Download]

Akin-Ponnle A.E., Ponnle A.A. , Falaki S.O.


Comparison of SelexolTM and Rectisol® Technologies in an Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) Plant for Clean Energy Production [Download]

Mohammed, Isah Yakub*, Mohamed, Samah, Adam, Mohamed, Gbadegesin, Sabina


Implementation of Parallelization Contract Mechanism Extension of Map Reduce Framework for the Efficient Execution Time over Geo-Distributed Dataset [Download]

Ms. Kirtimalini N., Prof.T.A.Chavan


Influence of Inner Surface Notch on Fatigue Crack Growth Characteristics of Aluminum Alloy [Download]

Mahantesh. Matur , V. Krishnan, P. Dinesh


Performance Comparison of Windowing Techniques for ECG Signal Enhancement [Download]

K.Sravan Kumar, Babak Yazdanpanah, Dr.G.S.N.Raju


Research on the Clustering Algorithm of Component based on the Grade Strategy [Download]

G.Vamshi Krishna, Dr.P.Niranjan , Dr. P.Shireesha


The Performance Evaluation of Embedded Communication Networks [Download]

Syed Misbahuddin, PhD


Electrokinetic Geotextile Stabilization Of Embankment Slopes [Download]

Mumtaz M., Dr. M. S. Girish


Development of River Quality Management (RQM) Information System for River Stretches Blending with Multi-Industrial Effluents [Download]

Muniyan Sundararajan, Gaurav Chakrabarty, Anand Mohan


An Integrated Fuzzy Weighted SERVQUAL - QFD Approach for Service Quality Improvement [Download]

Aneesh M. R., Dileeplal J., M. A. Abraham


Studies on Scrap Tyre Added Concrete for Rigid Pavements [Download]

Eldhose C., Dr. Soosan T. G.


Implementation of Multi Mode AES Algorithm Using Verilog [Download]

P Penchala Reddy, Dr.V.Thrimurthulu, K. Jagadeesh Kumar


A New Compensation Technique for Stable The Gain of Sub-Micron Amplifiers [Download]

Billu.balaji., Dr.V.Thrimurthulu., L.Mihira Priya


Text Dependent Speaker Identification Using a Bayesian network and Mel Frequency Cepstrum Coefficient [Download]

Mohd. Manjur Alam , Md. Salah Uddin Chowdury, Niaz Uddin Mahmud, Shamsun Nahar Shuma, Md. Abdul Wahab


Image Registration In Medical Image Processing -An Overview [Download]

Dr.P.Latha,Baby D.Dayana,N.Meffiya


Methodology to Achieve Enhanced Data Transmission Rate using Li-Fi in VLC Technology [Download] 

Md. Shahadat Hossain, Md. Samiul Islam, AFM Zainul Abadin, Md. Anwar Hossain


Artificial Bee Colony-Based Design of Optimal On-Line Self-tuning PID Controller Fed AC Drives[Download]

Essamudin A. Ebrahim


Topology Aware Auto-configuration In Wireless Sensor Network[Download] 

Muhammad Zeshan Alam, Muhammad Baseer Ur Rehman Sheikh, Arooba Zeshan

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