Volume 3 Issue 3

This issue was published on March 01, 2014

TheDevelopment & Implementation of Wireless Body Area Networks [Download]    

Dr Madhumita Dash, Ms Rojalin Mishra


Analysis of Effect of Conductor Line on Folded Type Meander-Line Antenna [Download]

Susmita Ghosh


CPW-Fed Ring Antenna for UWB Applications [Download]

Sheetal Kamboj, Amit Kumar


Scene Interpolation Based on Differential Pixel Color Comparison [Download]

Raginee Tripathi, Dr. R. S. Jadon


CFD Analysis of an Aerofoil [Download]

Karna S. Patel, Saumil B. Patel, Utsav B. Patel, Prof. Ankit P. Ahuja


Channel Assignment and Performance Evaluation of AODV Algorithm in Wireless Mesh Networks [Download]

Shreenidhi P. L.,Puttamadappa C.


Design and Implementation of Fuzzy Logic Controlled Uninterruptible Power Supply Integrating Renewable Solar Energy [Download]

Angelo A. Beltran Jr., Felicito S. Caluyo


Optimization of Effect of Pre-Treatment on Chromium Removal by Algal Biomass Using Response Surface Methodology [Download]

N. K. Srivastava, S. S. Parhi, M. K. Jha, T. R. Sreekrishnan


Optimizing InAs/InP (113) B Quantum Dot Lasers with Considering Mutual Effects of Coverage Factor and Cavity Length on Two-State Lasing [Download]

Saeed yazdani, Esfandiar Rajaei, Azam Shafieenezhad


A study of various Fuzzy Clustering Algorithms [Download]

Nidhi Grover


Studies on Parameter Optimization for Particle Grow thin a Fluidized Bed Granulator: Interval Halving Method [Download]

Abanti Sahoo, Lisa Sahoo


Tensile Properties and Morphological Studies on HA/PLA Biocomposites for Tissue Engineering Scaffolds [Download]

S. M.Nainar, Shahida Begum, M.N.M.Ansari, Hazleen Anuar

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