Volume 3 Issue 4

This issue was published on April 01, 2014

Analysis on the Work-Relate d Musculoskeletal Disorders (WMSD’s) Based on Ergonomic Study in Case of Industry Study [Download]

Khairul Akmal Shamsuddin, Mohd Norzaimi Che Ani,  A. R. Ab-Kadir, Mohd Hairizal Osmand


Concept of Hydrodynamic Load Analysis of Fixed Jacket Structure – An Overview of Horizontal Cylinder [Download]

Aliyu Baba


Implementation of Slip-Controller for Induction Motor Drive Employing Indirect Matrix Converter [Download]

K. Ganesan, S. Subamalini, A. Dhinesh


A Novel Single-Phase Multi string Multilevel Inverter Topology for Distributed Energy Resources [Download]

K.Ganesan, G.Ilangovan, P.Immanuel Dinesh Paul, Dr. Mahesh Manivanna Kumar


Circularly Polarized Broadband RFID Microstrip Tag Antenna [Download]

B. Rajini, G. V. Subrahmanyam


Numerical Study of Flow Over a Cylinder Using an Immersed Boundary Finite Volume Method [Download]

Ranjith Maniyeri


MAC Layer Protocols for WSN - Comparison and Performance Improvement Strategy [Download]

Bhat Geetalaxmi Jayram, Dr. D. V. Ashoka


Literature review: Cloud Computing –Security Issues, Solution and Technologies [Download]

Rajani Sharma, Rajender Kumar Trivedi


Mathematical Modeling of Spiral Heat Exchanger [Download]

Probal Guha , Vaishnavi Unde


Development and Modeling of Hydro-formed circular sheet Using Neural Networks [Download]

Binayaka Nahak, Tarun Bhardwaj, Pushpendra Singh Chauhan


Battery Monitoring Unit Using SCADA [Download]

Avinash Pawar, Pravin Nerpagar


A Standby System with Priority to Repair over Preventive Maintenance [Download]

S. C. Malik, Sudesh K. Barak


Enhancing Analog to Digital Converter Resolution Using Oversampling Technique [Download]

Priyesh Pandya, Vikas Gupta


A Survey of Animal and Tractor Farming Techniques in Jigawa and Kano State, Nigeria [Download]

Michael C. Amonye, Ibrahim O. Abdulmalik, Mahdi Makoyo, Ambali A. O.


Study on Performance Improvement of AC-DC Converter [Download]

S. H. Deshmukh, Yasoda Rani


Sensorless Operation of Brushless DC Motor Drive using Back EMF Technique [Download]

R. Saranya, S. Saravana kumar,R. Baskaran, A. Vinidha Roc, K. Sathiyasekar


Motion Based Summarization and Grouping of Events for Video Surveillance System [Download]

L. Arun Raj, C. Thangapandian


IUPQC Simulations for Power Quality Improvement [Download]

S. Rajeev


A Review of Solar Desiccant Air Conditioner [Download]

Dr. U. V. Kongre, D. P. Mahure, P. A. Zamre


Synthesis of Yttria-Doped Bi2O3 Nano powders Via Sol Gel Used in Electrolyte of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell[Download]

M. Mallahi, V. Mazinani, A. Shokuhfar, M. R. Vaezi


Content Based Image Retrieval Using Combined Features (Color and Texture) [Download]

Vijaylakshmi Sajwan


Integrated Development Strategies: Key Components of Strategic Approaches [Download]

Md. Mostafizur Rahman, Iftekhar Rahman, Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed


A Review on application of Nano science for Bio sensing [Download]

Ravinder Kumar, Somvir, Surender Singh, Kulwant


Optimization of Key Operating Parameters on Header Losses from Combine Harvesters in Sri Lankan Paddy Fields [Download]

R. Bawatharani, D. N. Jayatissa D. A. N. Dharmasena, M. H. M. A. Bandara


Nutrient and Heavy Metal Concentration and Distribution in Corn, Sunflower, and Turnip Cultivated in a Soil under Wastewater Irrigation [Download] 

Hamid Molahoseini


Design of Timer Shaped Microstrip-Fed Antenna for RFID Applications [Download]

Leeza Bansal, Davinder Parkash

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