Volume 3 Issue 8

Hydrochemical Analysis and Evaluation of Groundwater Quality in Part of Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh – Using Remotesensing and GIS Techniques. [Download]

P. Mynar Babu, G. Jai Sankar,V.Sreenivasulu, Dr. K.Harikrishna


Performance Evaluation of a Ricemill Developed in NCRI[Download]

Gbabo A., Ndagi B.


Kinetics Studies on Esterification Reaction of Acetic acid with iso-amyl Alcohol over Ion Exchange Resin as Catalysts[Download]

Kiran D. Patil, Bhaskar D. Kulkarni


Analysis of lubrication properties of zinc-dialkyl-dithio-phosphate (ZDDP) additive on Karanja oil (Pongamia pinnatta) as a green lubricant[Download]

Mahipal D, Krishnanunni P., Mohammed Rafeekh P., Jayadas N.H.


CPW fed Inverted U-Shape Microstrip Patch Antenna for WLAN/WiMAX Applications[Download]

Pradeep Kumar, Ritika Saini



Waste Marble Utilization from Residue Marble Industry as a Substitution of Cement and Sand within Concrete Rooftile Production[Download]

Candra Aditya, Abdul Halim, Chauliah Fatma Putri



Content Based Image Retrieval Using Local Color Histogram[Download]

Metty Mustikasari, Sarifuddin Madenda,  Eri Prasetyo, Djati Kerami, Suryadi Harmanto


Heat Recovery Steam Generator by Using Cogeneration[Download] 

P.Vivek, P. Vijaya kumar 


Soil Influence on Partially Buried Tanks during Land Explosions [Download]

M. Vaghefi, M. H.  Rostamian, A. R. Fiouz

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