Volume 3 Issue 9

Identifying Diabetic Parameters in Cochlear Mechanics and Models [Download]

Nirmala N. Kamble, Dr V R Mankar


Optimization of Phase jump angle of Series Active Power Filter (SAPF) [Download]

P.Vasudeva Naidu, M.Bindu Priya , K.Gokul Sai Krishna 



Enhancement of Natural Convection Heat Transfer from Perforated Fin[Download]

Saurabh D. Bahadure,G. D. Gosavi


Performance Evaluation of Photovoltaic Solar Panel Using Thermoelectric Cooling [Download]

Dinesh S. Borkar, Dr.Sunil.V.Prayagi, Jayashree Gotmare


Data Acquisition and Control Software for Scanning EXAFS Beamline AT Indus-2 [Download]

S.R. Kane, A. Agrawal,  Dr. S.N. Jha


High-Order Harmonic Extension and Generation of Single Isolated Attosecond Pulse in Hydrogen Gas by Using Plasmonic Field Enhancement [Download]

Mojtaba Taghipour Kaffash, Neda Anvari, Saeed Batebi


A Study on Rural Health care Data sets using Clustering Algorithms [Download]

Sathyendranath Malli,Dr. Nagesh H R,Dr. H G Joshi


A New Osrad Filter for Despeckling of Medical Ultrasound Images [Download] 

O.Saraniya, Dr.M.Ezhilarasi

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