Volume 3 Issue Special2

This One Day National Conference on Signal Processing Organized By Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Rajeev Gandhi Memorial College of Engineering & Technology(Autonomous), Nandyal-518 501, Kurnool(Dt), Andhra Pradesh On 22 March 2014


A  PAPR Reduction technique using Golay Sequences for OFDM Systems [Download]

Lakshmi Kiran. M,Lalitha Kumari. D


A 0.18 µm Differential LNA with reduced Power Consumption [Download]

M. Narayana Swamy, P. Prasanth Babu

A Computer-Aided Diagnosis Tool For Objective Assessment Of Tumors Using Infrared Imaging [Download]

P.Rama Raju, S. Asif Hussain


A MAC Protocol with CAC algorithm for Wireless Networks [Download]

S.P.V.Subba Rao, S.N Chandrasekhar, D.Vishnu Vardhan


A Review of Biometric Identification In Signal Processing [Download]

B.RamaSubbaiah,M.Suleman Basha, B.Ravi Teja


Accurate Face Recognition System Based On ARM9 Processor Using Haar Wavelets [Download]

S.Asif Hussain, R.Subhan Tilak Basha


Call Admission Control algorithm for Wireless Multimedia Networks [Download]

S.K Satyanarayana, Ch.Satyanarayana, VSGN Raju


Capacity Maximization of Cognitive Radio Based On Power Allocation in OFDM-MIMO System [Download]

Mohammed C. Aejaaz Ahmed,Mr. K.Kalimuthu,


Cloud-Based Networked Visual Servo Control [Download]

Nikhil K.N,T.Y. Satheesha,C.V.Nanda Kishore


Delay and Power Consumption of Fault Tolerant Data Busses in VDSM Technology [Download]

M.ChennakesavuluDr.D.Satyanarayana, Dr.T.Jayachandra Prasad


Design and Analysis of Low Power Pulse Triggered Flipflop Based on Single Feed-Through Scheme [Download]

M. Mahesh Kumar, N. Chandra Sekhar


Design and Implementation of Fast Addition Using QSD for Signed and Unsigned Numbers [Download]

S.Jakeer Hussain, K. Sreenivasa Rao


Design of Energy-Efficient and High-Performance VLSI Adders [Download]

 Dr.S.Govindarajulu, T.Vijaya Durga Royal


Detection and Removal of Rain in Videos Using Modern Approach [Download]



Detection of In-Situ Melanoma Using Symmetry of Data and Color Spread Factor [Download]

T Y Satheeshsa, Dr. D Sathyanarayana, Dr. M N Giriprasad


Hardware Implementation of High Performance AES Using Minimal Resources [Download]

M.Narasimhulu, S.Mahaboob Basha, P.Chandra Sekhar


High Speed Vedic Multiplier [Download]

M. Uma MaheswaraSainath,   B.Sekhar


Holographic Visuals Involving Automation [Download]

T Y Satheeshsa, Hemanth L, Ravitej R, Mani P


Low Leakage Bit-Line Sram Design Architectures [Download]

Ratan kumar.S.V.,Mr.S.Kashif Hussain, Dr.S.GovindaRajulu,


Low Power Dynamic Logic Circuit Design Using Footed Diode Domino Logic [Download]

G.Sindhura Bhargavi, T.Kalyan


Low Power Highly Optimized Full Adder By Using Different Techniques With 10 Transistors [Download]

S.Arif Basha & C.V.Subhaskara Reddy


LUT based FIR Filter Design & implementation on FPGA using Faithfully Rounded Truncated Multiple Constant Multiplication/Accumulation [Download]

U. Sudha Rani,S.P. Suresh Naik


Refined 3d Hand Tracking and Detection Using Kalman Filter [Download]

Palli Padmini,


Resource Consumption Attacks in Wireless Ad Hoc Sensor Networks [Download]

B. Umakanth,   J. Damodhar


Review of Automatic Speech Recognition in Signal Processing [Download]

B. Ravi Teja, M. Suleman Basha,M. Rama Subbiah


Switching DC-DC Converters with Hybrid Control Schemes [Download]

Dr.S.Govindarajulu, Saraswati.N.B


TCAM Design using parallel pai-sigma matchlines [Download]

E.Dhanarjun Naik,Prof.Dr.D Satyanarayana


The Approach of Speaker Diarization by Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) [Download

K. Rajendra Prasad,D. Jareena Begum,E. Lingappa

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