Volume 4 Issue 12

Study of Structural Performance and Durability of Concrete by Partial Replacement of Cement with Hypo Sludge (Paper waste) [Download]

K. Hari kishan, N.Vidyasagar Lal,  Sateesh Konni


Tilting Mechanism for a Four Wheeler [Download]

Dr V Balambica, Er Vishwa Deepak


Step-By-Step Check Response of PV Module Modeling Tested by Two Selected Power Reference Modules [Download]

A.M. Soliman, K. Abdel-Aty


Analysis of Stresses in Mandible and Skull under Angular Impact [Download]

Dr. Shobha E S, Dr. Suresh Nagesh, Dr. H P Raghuveer, Mr. Vinay K S


Catalytic Cracking of Pentenes in MFI Zeolite: Activation Energy and Reactor Volume Decrease [Download]

Klaus A. Serny T., Pablo J. Baricelli1, Milexi J. Pacheco M., Luis G. Melean1, Merlín Rosales


Contouring Control for a CNC Milling Machine Driven by Direct thrust Controlled Linear Induction Motors [Download]

Khaled N. Faris, Hala S. Khalil, Khaled S. Sakkoury


Application of Design Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (DFMEA) to Vertical Roller Mill Gearbox [Download]

Gaurav J. Pawar , Soumendu J. Mukhopadhyay


A Scenario of Rainfall Erosivity Index Research [Download]

D .V. Pandit , R. K. Isaac


PV-Wind System With Fuel Cell & Electrolyzer [Download]

Deepa Sharma, Radhey Shyam Meena, Prof.(Dr.) D.K.Birla                             


Airborne Internet Providing Tethered Balloon System [Download] 

Suvriti Dhawan, Mohit Vishal,Anmol Taploo, Amanjot Singh, Shiny Praveen Thote

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