Volume 4 Issue 6

Downlink Scheduling in Long Term Evolution (Download)

Md. Anwar Hossain, AFM Zainul Abadin


Generic Model Control of Biomethanation Process (Download)

Ahmed S. Abd EL-hamid, Ahmed E. hussian and Aly M. Radwan


Levenberg – Marquardt’s Algorithm used for PID Controller Parameters Optimization  (Download)

Ahmed S. Abd El-Hamid, Ahmed H. Eissa and ALy M. Radwan


Modeling and Simulation of LDMOS Device (Download)

Sunitha HD, Keshaveni N


Review on Stabilization of Soil Using Coir Fiber (Download)

Stuti Mauryaa, Dr.A.K.Sharmab, Dr. P.K.Jainc, Dr.Rakesh Kumard


Performance Comparison of BPSO and BFO Algorithms of PTS Technique Used for PAPR Reduction in MC-CDMA  (Download)

Rubina , Er.D.P Chechi


Selective Harmonic Elimination PWM Technique Implementation for a Multilevel Converter (Download)

Dilip Kumar N , Dr. Puneet Kaur


Design and Optimization of SUAV Empennage (Download)

Rajesh A, Harish G, Dr. M.S. Ganesha Prasad


Reinforced Sisal Fiber with Ferric Nitrate Composites (Download)

Asif Jehan, Dr. Shirish Joshi ,Dr. M.N. Bapat


Study of Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Joint  (Download)

Prakash Panjwania , Dr. S.K. Dubey


The Influence of Radiative Heat Transfer and Hall Current on MHD Flow in a Vertical Rotating Channel with Slip Condition (Download)

Hemant Poonia, Umashanker, S. S. Dhayal


Determination of Some Physical Properties of Jatropha (Jatropha Curcas) Oil. (Download)

Olasheu, T.I, Adebiyi, K.A, Durowoju, M.O, Odesanya, K.O

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