Volume 5 Issue 2

Comparative Study of UWB BPF to Enhance Bandwidth using Defected Ground [Download]

Mrs.Shally Goyal, Dr.Vikas Maheshwari, Dr.Vandana Vikas Thakare


Parametric Optimization of CO2 Mould Made of Reclaimed Sand for Better Collapsibility [Download]



Aerodynamic Analysis of Motion of Two Vehicles and Their Influence on Drag Coefficient [Download]

Sai Chaitanya Mangavelli, Sumedh S ,  Jeevan Kanduri


A Three-Dimensional Transient Study of a Polycrystalline Silicon Solar Cell under Constant Magnetic Field [Download]

R. Sam, K. Kaboré and F. Zougmoré


 The Effect of Ginger Species and Concentration of Sodium Metabisulfite [Na2S2O5] on the Physical and Chemical Quality of Ginger Powder [Zingiber officenale] [Download]

Ellyas Alga Nainggolan, Sudarminto Setyo Yuwono


Simulation of a Wind Turbine Driving a Grid Connected Induction Generator [Download]

Khaled S. Sakkoury, Mohamed I. Abu EL- Sebah, and Faeka M.H. Khater


Effect of Higher CO2Concentration on Photosynthesis in Codiaeumvariegatum under Different Sky Conditions [Download]

Tarini Kumar Jena


Controllable Band-Notched UWB Printed Monopole Antenna [Download]

Hesham. A. Mohamed and Ashraf S. Mohra


Performance of ANNs for Prediction of TDS of Godavari River, India [Download]

Prajot D. Tarke, Purushottam R. Sarda and ParagA. Sadgir


Synthesis, Characterization and Electrical Properties of Polyaniline/Nickel Oxide Nanocomposites [Download]

Sharanabasamma M Ambalgi, Hajeebaba K Inamdar, Manjula V T, Sannakki Nagaraja,Shrishail G Hogade and Basavaraja Sannakki


Analysis of Coil Spring Used in Shock Absorber using CAE [Download]

Dr. Dhananjay. R. Dolas , Kuldeep. K. Jagtap


Multi Response Optimization of Process Parameters in PCM of Inconel 600 Using Desirability Function Approach of RSM [Download]

Dattatray Vishnu Wagh, Dr. D. R. Dolas


Distributed Fiber Optic Sensors – Brillouin Optical Time Domain Analysis [BOTDA] Sensor in Simple Language [Download]

Appiah Sarfo George


Security Analysis on Multi keyword Data Search in Cloud using Encryption Techniques [Download]

Lenin Fred,  D.Dhanya, S. L. Helen mary,  S.Shibi


A Brief Overview of Traffic Sign Detection Methods [Download]

Prof. Abhinav V. Deshpande


Energy and its Need Today and Tomorrow-An Overview [Download]

Md  Moyeed Abrar


Prediction of SAR for Groundwater along the Kham River in Aurangabad District, Maharashtra using ANN [Download]

Kazi F.S.,  Shinde S.D.  and Sadgir P.A.


Optimization of Process Parameters in Drilling of Short Fiber [KENAF] Composite [Download]

M. Sunil Kumar, K. Amarnath, M. Pradeep Kumar


Analysis and Strengthing of Soft Storey Building with Equivalent Diagonal Strut at Center under Earthquake and Wind Load [Download] 

Abdul Juned Siddiqui, Prabhat Soni , Aslam Hussain

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