Volume 5 Issue 4

Influence of the Refractive Index of Anti-Reflective Coating on the External Quantum Efficiency of the Silicon Solar Cells [Download]

Nacire Mbengue, Moulaye Diagne, Fatou dia , Mamadou Niane, Awa Dieye, , Wally Diallo, Omar A.

Niasse, Bassirou Ba


Analysis of Interlocking Pavement Road (Case Study: COMSIT Road in University Of Ilorin) [Download]

Dr. S.A. Raji, Yahaya, Abubakar B., Nwankwo, Felix


Design and Experimental Analysis of Gripper for Shape Memory Alloy Actuation [Download]

Guddakesh Kumar Chandan, Brajesh Kumar Kanchan, R Premkumar, R Karthik


Clustering Techniques on Text Mining: A Review [Download]

Neha Garg, Dr. R. K. Gupta 


Segmentation of Abdominal Organs on CT Images Using Distance Regularized Level Set Model – A Semi Automatic Approach [Download]   

A.Lenin Fred, S.N Kumar, Anchalo Bensiger.S.M, S. Lalitha Kumari, P. Sebastin Varghese


From Data Warehouse to Pattern Warehouse: A Progressive Step [Download]

Vishakha Agarwal, Akhilesh Tiwari


Application of Microsoft Xbox One for Mimicking Robotic Wrist with Three Degree of Freedom in Different Poses [Download]

Dan Joseph C. Rudio, Kris Dale B. Esma, Lemuel E. Rosal, Archie Boy D. Caringal, Dexter James E.

Yape and Roselito E. Tolentino


Use of GIS-based Multi-Criteria Decision Making to Optimal Site Selection in an Illustrative Study Area in the Center of Iran [Download]

Hamed Koohpayehzadeh Esfahani, Mohsen Sadegh Amal Nik


A New Model for Profitable Pattern Mining [Download]

Jagrat Gupta, Akhilesh Tiwari


Evaluation of Silver Retention in Different Organs of Zebrafish (Danio Rerio) Fed Diet Supplemented With Silver Nanoparticles [Download]

Tahereh Yazdanparast, Issa Sharifpour, Mehdi Soltani, Hamed K. Esfahani


Study of Effect of Eccentricity on the Linear andNonlinear Behaviour of RCC Irregular Buildings [Download]

Mary Williams P, R.K. Tripathi


Manual Elevator for Material Handling [Download]

Amal Chandran T S Chandranandan


Inertial/Satellite Research and Design of Integrated Navigation Simulation System [Download]

Hongxiang Ge, Hongtao Shan, Shengnan Yuan


Fabrication and Testing of Natural Fiber Hybrid Composites [Download]

R.Prem Kumar, Guddakesh Kumar Chandan, R.Ramamoorthi


Analysis of Exergy Change during Compression Process of a VCR Cycle using R 134 a as Refrigerant [Download]

Shreekant Tare , Nitesh Mishra


Performance of Share Price in Banking Sector( With Special reference to Public Sector Banks & Private Sector Banks in India) [Download]

Dr. V.N. Sailaja, Dr. BinduMadhavi


Productivity Improvement Measures in Engineering Services Industry: An analysis using DMAIC tools [Download]

Vengudupathi Chinnadurai, Dr. D. Rajenthira Kumar


Cost Reduction of Arm Cross Bar of Wheel Loader through Value Engineering [Download]

S Babu1, D Rajenthirakumar, A Gomathinayagam, K Nivas Krishnan


A framework for implementing Just in Time in a Valve manufacturing industry [Download]

Brajesh kumar kanchan, Guddakesh kumar chandan, Dr. D. Rajenthirakumarc


Reducing Work in Progress Inventory in a Valve Industry Using Value Stream Mapping [Download]

Arun K S, Dr. D. Rajenthirakumar


Oil Contaminated Sea Water Recovery System Using Composite Textile Absorption Media [Download]

Nandagopal .K.R., Manoj Kumar.P


Design and Development of Pipeline Cleaning Robot [Download]

T. Tamilarasia, S. Varunb, M. Saravana Kumarc, S. Sivaprakashd


A Comprehensive Study to Enhance the Quality of Learning at an Engineering Institution [Download]

S.M. Anwar Halith, S. Bhaskar, M. Balaji,


Experimental Investigations on Depth of Cut in Abrasive Waterjet Machining of Al/B4C Metal Matrix Composites [Download]

V. Mohankumar, M. Kanthababu


Investigation of Aerodynamic Performances of NACA 0015 Wind Turbine Airfoil [Download]

Karthick.M, Senthil Kumar. M


CFD Simulation for Charging and Discharging Process of Thermal Energy Storage System using Phase Change Material [Download]

Gali Chiranjeevi Naidu, KAruna, K Dharma Reddy,P V Ramaiah


A Study on Data Integrity and Storage Efficiency Services in Cloud [Download] 

VanajakshiDevi.K, S.Shrenika, N.Jyothi

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