Volume 5 Issue 7

Diabetic Classification by Blood Vessel Analysis of Fundus Image [Download]

A. Lenin Fred, Renu D.S, Samini mol J.V., Ashforn Hermina J.M.


Performance Analysis of Quasi-Cyclic Low Density Parity Check Codes [Download]

Nalini Prasad Tirumani , Patchigolla Subbarao


Recommendation System for Product Using User Interest, Social Circle and Location of User [Download]

Himgauri D. Ambulkar, Apashabi Pathan


Compact Microstrip Feeding Network for Mobile Base Station Antenna [Download]

Mohamed S. El-gendy, Haythem H. Abdullah, Esmat A.  Abdallah, Hadia M. El-Hennawy


Mitigation of Grayhole Attack in Vanet Using Clustering and Neighbour Node Information [Download]

Alla Rang, Lalit Mann Singh


Energy Optimization in Manet Using Enhanced Routing Protocol [Download]

Manjinder Kaur, Lalit Mann Singh


Numerical Simulation of Thermal Diffusion in Outdoor Concrete Fish Pond [Download]

Eze, J.O., Raji, S.A. and Okouzi, S.A.


Removal of Speckle Noise Using Hybrid Filter Technique [Download]

R. Amuda,  K. Bhuvaneshwari


Cane Honey: Process, Quality and Harmlessness [Download]

Dr. C. Walter Francisco Quezada Moreno, Dr. Cs. Erenio González Suárez, Dr. Walter David Quezada Torres, Moraima Cristina Mera Aguas


Development of Embedded Based System to Monitor Elephant Intrusion in Forest Border Areas Using Internet of Things [Download]

R. Maheswari


Algorithm to Increase Energy Efficiency and Coverage for Wireless Sensor Network [Download]

Aphrin S.Pathan


An Approach for Detection of Dermatitis Disease using Image Segmentation [Download]

Prafulla N. Aerkewar, Dr. G. H. Agrawal


An Assessment of Changes in Land-Use and Land-Cover within the Kiri Lake, Nigeria (1976-2014) [Download]

Jijingi  H. E, Yuguda T. K , Dauda  P. A


Smart Model for Durable and Efficient Antireflection Coating Process [Download]

Khaled N. Faris


Securely Data-Gathering Cluster-Based Wireless Sensor Network Design [Download]

Ms. Sandhya Bankar , Prof. Simran Khiani


Secure Fine grains Updates in Cloud using Public Auditing [Download]

Tanuja.Sali ,  Mansi Bhonsle


Empowering Users with Adaptive Privacy Policies for the Uploaded Images [Download]

Tanuja Dhope , Mohini Shinde


Efficient Method for Edit Recommendation using Hybrid History Mining and Relevance Feedback [Download]

Miss. Shradha P. Patil , Prof. B. Padmavathi


Encrypted Information Hiding Technique Using BPCS Steganography [Download]

Miss. Diptee D. Lad, Prof. Sindhu M.R.


Responsibility Handler TPA: Auditing and Repairing of Data in Cloud Storage [Download]

Miss.Shilpa Singh , Mrs. Padmavathi B.


A New Fangled Approximate Compressor Design for Multiplication [Download]

N.Sreenivasa Rao, P. Sahithi


Evaluation of PAPR in OFDM System by Changing the IFFT Size for BPSK Modulation Scheme [Download]

Priyanka Sharma, Prof. Dr. R.K. Khola

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