Volume 5 Issue Special1

This Two Day National Conference on Innovations in Civil Engineering (NCICE - 2016) Organized by Department of Civil Engineering, Government College of Engineering, Karad Dist-Satara M.H. India On 8-9 Jan. 2016


 Effect of Environmental Service by Hedonic Pricing Model [Download]

Anita Kanojia, Umesh Jadhav


Performance of Footing on Clayey Soil with Encased Stone Columns and Geocell Mattress [Download]

S.W.Thakare, Tanveer Ahmed


Stabilization of Expansive Soil with Micro Silica, Lime and Fly Ash for Pavement [Download]

S.W.Thakare, Priti Chauhan


Materials, Tools & Technologies to Enhance Efficiency & the Green-Quotient of Smart Buildings [Download]

Utpal Kumar Nandy,  Antara Nandy


An Investigation Study of Effective Use of Magnetic Levitation to Control Horizontal Vibrations for Seismic Isolation of the Structure [Download]

Yash A. Mulik,  Rajnish R. Bariya, Aishwarya S. Ingle,  Kamlesh S. Zinjurke


Analyzing the Critical Factors Influencing the Time Overrun and Cost Overrun in Construction Project [Download]

Poonam Raykar, Ghadge A.N.


Application of Building Information Modeling in Construction Projects – A Critical Review [Download]

Shekhar Jadhav, Ghadge A.N.


Comparative Study of Conventional and Modern Waterproofing Techniques [Download]

Saurabh Borle, Ghadge A.N.


Cellular Concrete & Its Facets of Application in Civil Engineering [Download]

S. Nandi, Arnab Chatterjee, Prantik Samanta, Tanushree Hansda


Performance of Square Footing Subjected to Eccentric-Inclined Load [Download]

S.S.Pusadkar, Y.S.Navkar


SPSS Technique for Performance Appraisal in Construction   Industry [Download]

S.J.Bhatmare, B.S.Tashildar


Spiritual Reflections on Our Relationship to the Environment [Download]

 Santosh Sakharam More,.Ishwar P. Sonar


Environmental and Social-Economic Impact of Existing Domestic Solid Waste Management and Sustainable Smart Actions- A Case Study for Pune City [Download]

Dinesh Bhalchandra Joshi, Ashok B More


Cement Replacement by Fly Ash in Concrete[Download]

R. D. Padhye, N. S. Deo


Experimental Study on Design of Flexible Pavement Using CBR Method [Download]

R.Vinod Kumar, Pavithra M.


Application of Goal Programming in Flood Flow Modeling [Download]

Sangita Deb Barman, Parthasarathi Choudhury


Strength Characteristics of Subgrade Stabilized With Lime, Fly Ash and Fibre [Download]

P.P.Nagrale, A.P.Patil, Shubham Bhaisare


Design of Coastal Road in Mumbai City [Download]

Anuj Pawar, Ganesh Patil, Sayali Salunke


Risk: Awareness, Identification and Mitigation in PPP Projects [Download]



Estimation of Undeveloped & Developed Area in Mumbai City: A Case Study [Download]

Amlani Saurabh B., Nagrale Prashant P.


Topology Optimization of Warren Trusses  [Download]

Shivam Goel, K.K.Pathak


Effect of Soil Structure Interaction for Framed Structure Resting on Multilayered Soil Mass [Download]

Gaurav D. Dhadse


Performance Based Analysis and Design of Building Frames with Earthquake Loading [Download]

Rajan L. Wankhade, Amarsinh B. Landage


A Study on the Effects of Different Water Proofer on Compressive Strength of Concrete Cubes [Download]

Rohit Jain, K.K. Pathak,Rajesh Bhargava


Dynamic Behavior of Underground Structures during Earthquake: A Critical Review [Download]

shubhangi Nikam, S. R. Bhagat


A Review of Supplier Evaluation and Selection Approaches in Supply Chain of Construction Industry [Download]

Akshay A. Patil, Madhav B. Kumthekar, Amarsinh B. Landage


Application of Building Information Modeling (BIM) to Civil Engineering Projects [Download]

Mudassir Zahid Pakhmore, Raiyan Mansoori, Prathamesh P. Gawade


Impact of the Construction Waste on the Cost of the Project [Download]

Sawant Surendra B., Hedaoo Manoj, Kumthekar Madhav


Green Concrete using GGBS, River Pebbles and CRF as Partial Replacement to Cement and Aggregates [Download]

Pramodini Naik Gaonkar


A Comparative Study of Rating Systems in Green Building [Download]

Sharad R. Khese, M.N.Hedaoo,B.A.Konnur


Innovative Materials and Design Principles for Low-Cost Housing in Rural Areas [Download]

Parag Govardhan Narkhede, Shilpa S. Nagapurkar


Application of Primavera & GIS for Effective Project Management [Download]

Raiyan Abdul Rashid Mansoori


Parametric Earthquake Analysis of Natural Draught Hyperbolic Cooling Tower [Download]

Akhil Nema, K. K. Pathak


Constructional and Techno-Economic Aspects of Reinforced Earth Construction Works [Download]



Risk Management in Construction Industry [Download]

Krantikumar Mhetre, B.A.Konnur, Amarsinh B. Landage


Utility of Coactive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System for Runoff Prediction in Comparison With Multilayer Perception [Download]

Santosh Patil, Shriniwas Valunjkar


Utilisation of Steel Slag in Roads of Marathwada Region [Download]

Shubhada S. Koranne, S. S. Valunjkar


A Review of EVM Analysis with Primavera [Download]

Kunal B. Badgujar, B.A.Konnur, Amarsinh B. Landage


Movement Analysis of Masonry to Construct Earthquake Resisting Structure [Download]

Tanmay Hon, N.C.Dubey


Optimal Design Of Water Transmission System With Pumping [Download]

R. K. Rai, R. S. Tetu


Comparative Study of Design Of Sewer Line Using Hazen-Williams And Manning Equations [Download]

Rai, R. K.,  Deshmukh, S. A.


A Review On-Study Of Use Of Bonded Fibre Composite Materials For Repairs Of Floating Offshore Units [Download]

Y.D.Belekar., M.B.Kumthekar , Amarsinh B. Landage 



Prediction of Evapotranspiration by Artificial Neural Network and Conventional Methods  [Download]

Sumit Sharma, Regulwar D.G.


Flood Analysis of Dhudhana River in Upper Godavari Basin Using Hec-Ras [Download]

Rahul Agrawal, Regulwar D.G.


Evaluation and Development of Re-aeration Equation Using Multivariate Linear Regression  [Download]

Sameer Arora, Ashok K. Keshari


A Review of Automated Monitoring System in Construction of Road Project [Download]

Pradip D. Nimbalkar, S. S. Valunjkar, Amarsinh B. Landage


South Katraj Region: A Source of Dust Pollution [Download]

G. N. Supe, Sagar Gawande


Properties of Fly Ash Based Geopolymer Mortar with Ambient Curing [Download]

B. H. Shinde,  K. N. Kadam


Dam Break Analysis -A Case Study [Download]

S. R. Kulkarni, S. K. Ukarande, Seema A. Jagtap


Geographical Information System (GIS) in Water Resources Engineering [Download]

S. Nandi,  Tanushree Hansda, Hemant Himangshu, Tumpa Paul Nandi


Remote Sensing : A Miracle in Irrigation Management [Download]

S. Nandi,  Tanushree Hansda, Hemant Himangshu, Tumpa Paul Nandi


Optimal Design of Sewer Line with Tail End Pumping Station [Download]

Rai, R. K., Shinde, S. S.


Effect of Replacement of Natural Sand by Grit on Workability of Concrete [Download]

K. B. Thombre, A. B. More, S. R. Bhagat


Study of Barrel Vault [Download]

Sarika B. Shinde, Pandit.M.Shimpale , Girish S. Deshmukh


Biaxial Bending of Steel Angle Section [Download]

Kuralkar S. D., Oswal S. S.


Extenuating the Influence of Clay Content of Aggregates on Concrete Performance [Download]

Amarpreet Kaur, Ashita J. Sheth


Sustainable Development of Ainachiwadi Village in Patan Tahsil by Using Locally Available Material For Construction of Road [Download]

S. V. Shinde, T. S. Bagwan, Amarsinh B. Landage


Design of Rigid Road Pavement for Ainachiwadi Village in Patan Tahsil [Download]

T. S. Bagwan   S. V. Shinde


A Study on Labor Productivity in Construction Industry [Download]

Sudam Chavan, Hemant Salunkhe



Optimal Design of Water Transmission Networks [Download]

B. A. Konnur, R. K. Rai


Experimental Investigation on Combined Effect of SBR and Steel Fiber on Properties of Concrete [Download]

Rajan L. Wankhade, Amarsinh B. Landage, Basavraj A. Konnur


Use of Earn Value Management in Indian Construction Industry. State of Art [Download]

 Manojkumar Shukla, R.B.Magar,Abdul Razak. H


Groundwater Contaminant Transport FDM Modelling for Non-Linear Freundlich and Langmuir Sorption With an Instantaneous Spill [Download]

Amarsinh B. Landage, Ashok K. Keshari



Risk Analysis of Construction Projects Using Fuzzy Logic [Download]

Katti Rhushikesh Siddhappa, B.A.Konnur, Amarsinh B.Landage


A Review of Effective Utilization of Waste Phosphogypsum as a Building Material [Download]

Gorakh S. Bandgar, Madhav B. Kumthekar, Amarsinh B. Landage


Use of Remote Sensing for Parameterisation of Hydrological Models [Download] 

N. Patidar, Ashok K. Keshari


Parametric Study of Fixed Beams Using ANN Model [Download]

Priyanka khedkar, Girish Joshi


Experimental Review for Utilisation of Waste Plastic Bottles in Soil Improvement Techniques [Download]

Abhishek Patil, Girish Waghere , Niranjan Inamdar, Pranav Gavali, Roshan Dhore, Shreyash Shah


Improving the Ripening period and Initial Effluent Quality of a Rapid Sand Filter by Coagulants as Polymer in Back Wash [Download]

Wagh C.H., S. M.Pophare


Self Sustainable Township Planning [Download]

Padhye P. R., Urade S. P, Deo N. N.


State of The Art: Bamboo as a Structural Material [Download]

M. B. Varma


Utilization of Waste PET Bottle Fibers in Concrete as an Innovation in Building Materials - [A Review Paper] [Download]

Sampada Chavan, Pooja Rao

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