Volume 6 Issue 12

Anti-microbial Polymers for Textile & other Application [Download] 

Vishal Khilari, Yogesh Suryawanshi


An Evaluation of the Predictive Validity and Time Saving Potential of a Roof Covering Quantification Model [Download] 

Ugochukwu, Stanley C., Ogunsina, Olusola, Obidumeje, Uzomah C., Ezeokoli, Fidelis O.


Performance Analysis of Attacks on Watermarking Techniques for Color Images[Download] 

M.A. Mohamed, M.E.A. Abou-ElSeoud, Islam .M. Ibrahim


Impact of Stone Wash and Acid Wash on the Physical Properties of Denim [Download] 

Israt Zebin Ansari


Application of Ferrite Ductile Iron on a Casting [Download] 

Haibin Qin


Mitigation of Power Quality Problems Using Novel DSTATCOM Operating Under Stiff Source[Download] 

T.Santosh kumar, Dr.CH.Ravi kumar, M.Mani shankar


Optimal Web Service Selection Based On Network Distance And Web Service Performance[Download] 

Miss Dipti Gumfawar, Ms. Manjushri Mahajan


A Procedural Framework to Design and FabricationControlled by Pneumatics [Download] 

AravinthKumar. A,Balaji.V,Gokul. S,Aravinda Narayana.C.K


Performance Evaluation of WCETT Routing protocol for CRAHN [Download] 

Israa AbdUlkareem Mohsen, Dr. Ammar Dawood Jasim


Potential of ASTER and LANDSAT Images for Mapping Features in Western Desert [Download] 

Mahmoud El Nokrashy Osman Ali, Ibrahim Fathy Mohamed Shaker, Nasr Mohammady Saba


Crowd Sourcing: A Primer [Download] 

Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Adebowale E. Shadare, and Sarhan M. Musa


Web Computing: An Introduction [Download] 

Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Adebowale E. Shadare, Sarhan M. Musa


An Algorithmic Solution to Masquerading Fault in Critical Systems[Download] 

Olajide Blessing Olajide, Adeosun Olajide Olusegun, Adeosun Titilayo Helen


Performance of Concrete Floor Slabs Using Different Concrete Mixes[Download]  

Esraa Emam Ali, Naglaa Kamal Rashwan

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