Volume 7 Issue Special 3

2 Day National Conference on Emerging Trends in Architecture (NCETA-2018) Organized by MIT School of Architecture (MIT University) Pune M.H. India during 11 & 12 Jan. 2018  

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A Review on Public Participatory Urbanism [Download] 

Harshad Raisoni, Ar. Mohammad Rajaullah


New Aesthetic Directions In The 21st Century: Is Modern Technology Directing Current Aesthetic Thinking [Download] 

Abhijit De


Need for Paradigm Shift in Architectural Education [Download] 

Rajeev G. Kulkarni


TENSOR : Integration of Tensegrity and Origami to Generate Hybrid Structural Morphologies [Download] 

Ar. Aditi Kolhe


Study of Laterite Stone as Building Material [Download] 

Nisha Maklu, Dr. Parag Narkhede


Revitalizing Responsive Urban Open Spaces [Download] 

Jawale Madhuri Vasudev, Kolhe Aditi Ashok


Natural Analogues as Emerging Nature-Based Parameter for Built Environment [Download] 

Prof. Sushama Parashar, Prof. Pashmeena Ghom


Reuse & Recycle of Non-Biodegradable Waste As Construction Materials [Download] 

Radhika Agarwal, Ar. Anant Prakash


Understanding Heritage potential of Saswad, “A HISTORIC Medieval Town of Deccan [Download] 

Dr. Vaidehi Lavand


Design and Planning of Pharmaceutical Industries in India [Download] 

Srushti Patil, Dr. Parag Narkhede


A GIS based application for construction of site in the hilly region of Warasgaon lake catchment Pune Maharashtra State [Download] 

Swati S. Panhale, Ar. Pashmeena Ghom


Knowledge Outside the Classroom – An experience at Gir National Forest [Download] 

Pratik Jayprakash Patel, Rahul Suryakant Patel


Inventory of Perception of Safety in an Urban Educational Campus [Download] 

Ms. Aishwarya Barve, Dr. Abhijit Natu


The Influence of Unbuilt Environment on the Users of Built Environment [Download] 

Prof. Sushama Parashar, Disha Agarwal


Necessity of Heritage Regulations and Awareness in Historic Urban Areas [Download] 

Ar Shilpa Dhawale


Evaluating the Urban Green Spaces: Benefits and Issues [Download] 

Ar. Mohd. Shoeb Jafri, Ar. Mohammad Rajaullah


Creating Livable Indoor Space to Lovable [Download] 

Ar. Swati Viraj Tagare


Contemplating Structural Aesthetics [Download] 

Gaurav Inder Chordia


Understanding the Principle of Aesthetics in Bridges with reference to the Structural Principles [Download] 

Ar.Renuka Chutke Chakradeo


Not Just Piece of Paper but Powerful Weapon in Professional Practice – The Contract [Download] 

Ar. Meghana Patil


Architecture – Beyond Design : Exploring Architectural Profession through Quality Management [Download] 

Ar. Rajeshwari Jagtap


Probing on Integration of Feasible Special Skills Courses to Reinforce and Distinguish B. Arch. Degree Course [Download] 

Ar. Bageshree Yeolekar Kadam


Current Parameters to Promote Successful Deliverance of Affordable Housing [Download] 

Ar. Sheetal A. Jagdale


 Precast Element’s Erection & Installation at Site – A Case Study [Download] 

Ar. Niharika choudhary, Ar. Aparna Panganti


Role of Psychology in Colour Selection: A Way of Study [Download] 

Ar. Onkar Kulkarni


Impact of IT Industry on Environment & Economic Development of Pune City [Download] 

Prof. Abhijit S. Marawar


Shape Memory Polymers in Deployable Architecture [Download] 

Ar. Sanika Pimple; Ar. Shilpa Nagapurkar


Aesthetics in Architecture [Download]  

Ar. Avinash Bhise

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