Volume 7 Issue Special 4

A 2 Days National Conference on Enviromental Pollution And Its Control was organized by Civil Department,  GEC Banswara,  Rajasthan, India during 09 & 10 March 2018


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Environmental Impacts of Fuel Chains Involved in Electricity Generation Systems and Ways for its Internalization [Download]

Vikram Singh, Abhishek Singh


Assessment of Groundwater Quality in Five Different Districts of Rajasthan: Focus On Important Chemical and Bacteriological Parameters [Download]

Joginder Singh Yadav, Bhuvana Joshi,Kamal Jyoti Maji


E–Waste: Its Impacts & Clinical Manifestations & Management Strategies for Sustainability Of Future Perspectives [Download]

Bina Rani, Sukhraj Punnar, Vandana Bunkar, Ashok K. Kakodia, Raaz K Maheshwari


Biogas Technology: An Approach Towards Healthy Environment [Download]

Er. Kapil K Samar, Dr. Deepak Sharma, Dr. Sudhir Jain, Dr. Diksha Shrivastva


Review on Control of Emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds from Polluted Air [Download]

Chandorkar Archit P.


Inevitability of Solid Waste Management in Environmental Concern [Download]

Chandra Prakash Changal, Ravi Prakash Maheshvari


Utilization of Piezoelectric Material for Energy Harvesting [Download]

Divya Guildyal, Roli Verma, Utpal Mishra, Pratibha Singh


Role of Education to Control the Environmental Pollutions [Download]

Praveen Kumar Jain


Toxicity Effect on Eleusine Coracana (Ragi) Under Hydroponic Condition [Download]

Dr. Suman Krishania


Assessment of Water Quality in Chittorgarh District [Download]

Dr. Alok Jain


Biogas Technology: An Approach towards Healthy Environment [Download]

Er. Kapil K Samar, Dr. Deepak Sharma, Dr. Sudhir Jain, Er. Diksha Shrivastva


A Review on Hydrodynamic Cavitation as a Treatment Option for Refractory Organics Removal [Download]

Goswami Hasya M.


Use of Marble Slurry in Ceramic Art Work – A Review of Solid Waste Management [Download]

Jayanti Samota, ShipraBhardwaj, Kumud Intodia


A Review of an Integrated Anaerobic-Aerobic Systems for the Treatment of Food Processing Wastewater [Download]

Jignesh J. Raiyani,  Prof. M.J. Pandya


Optimal Identification of Groundwater Pollution Sources [Download]

Jyoti Chaubey


A Feasible Synthesis and Spectral Characterization of 1, 2, 4-Triazole Fused Schiff Bases [Download]

Kamal Jat


Aluminium Foam: A New Friend of Environment [Download]

Kaustubh Khot


Adsorption of Heavy Metals in Soil[Download]

Kumud Tanwar, Swati Singh, Ashok Kumar Kakodia


Evaluation and Analysis of the Projected Pathway of Global Warming Targets Matter [Download]

Kunal Goswami, Pratibha Singh


Treatment Of Distillery Wastewater By Continuous Electrocoagulation Process [Download]

Pratibha Singh, Noopur Srivastava, Pratibha Singh


World Health Organization (WHO) Recommendations on Water Quality Requirement [Download]

Prapti Rathod, Ruchi Mittal, Veeresh Fuskele


Evaluation and Performance Analysis of Car Driven By Solar Energy [Download]

Pratibha Singh, Saurabh Yadav, Deepika Singh, Divya Guildyal


A Review of Heavy Metals in Surface Water in India [Download]

Ravi Kant Pareek, Ramoo Ram, Dr. Varinder Singh


Acid Earth ; Soil Pollution Due to Acid [Download]

Kinnari Patel, Rakshit Lalani


Occupational Exposure to Metals & Safeguards for Prevention from Metal Exposure in the Environment [Download]

Rita Mehra, Amit Singh Thakur


Self-Repairing Bio Concrete: A Better Living [Download]

Roli Verma, Kirti Srivastava, Avinash Singh, R.S.Jagadish


Air Pollution – A Menace to Ahmedabad City[Download]

Shaaqib Mansuri, Pranav Pandya, Manan Patel,C.B. Mishra


Reduction of Ammoniacal Nitrogen from Pigment Industry Effluent by Air Stripping [Download]

Shah Mansi N., Prof. Minarva J. Pandya


Global Warming:  An Overview on Manoeuvre Made to Reduce Carbon Footprints [Download]

Shikha Saxena, Anil K Mathur, A.K Dwivedi


Water Quality Analysis of a Water Resrvoir at Lamana District Ajmer  (Rajasthan) [Download]

Siroya, A. K.,Siroya, Nisha


Effect of the Electromagnetic Field on the Effluent Characteristics [Download]

Sneha Choudhari, Bina Patel


A Brief Review of the Recent Advances in the Field of Removal and Degradation of Organic Pollutant’s Through Metal Inorganic Frameworks [Download]

Suraj Sharma, Shipra Bhardwaj, Kumud intodia


Wastewater as a Resource[Download]

Urvi Rathod, Shlash Rathod


Integrated Surface Water Quality Assessment Using Benthic Macroinvertebrates [Download]

Viral.B.Chaudhari, Prof. M.J. Pandya, M.H.Bhadrecha


Urban Heat Island: Causes, Effects and Mitigation Measures-A Review [Download]

Akshay Kumar Sharma, Anamika Gandhi, Ajay Bhatt


Design of Rain Water Harvesting System [Download]

Deepesh Bansal


Shale Gas : A Review of the Economic, Environmental, and Social Sustainability [Download]

Gaurav ojha, Ravi Prakash Maheshwari


Dyes Pollution and Their Prediction: A Review [Download]

Kapil Malviya, C. Parashar, S. Dixit, S. Kaur


Reuse of Industrial Waste (Copper Slag) As Fine Aggregate In Concrete [Download]

Krishan, Deepak dalal


Environmental Degradation: Cause and Restorative Strategy-A Review [Download]

Kushal Thakur, Samil Ahmed Poswal, Neeraj Kanwar


Analysis of Developmental Agenda: India’s National interests in Climate Change Regime [Download]

Mahendra Kumar Meena


Pollution through Automobile, Power Plant and Industries State of Art: A Review[Download]

Manish Kumawat,Nitesh Kataria


Water Pollution and Its Control State of Art : A Review [Download]

Mukesh Meghwal


Impact of Ground Water Contamination on Human Health : A Case Study Nagaur District, Rajasthan [Download]

Ravi Chaudhary,  Bhoora Ram


Desolation Compound of Power Plant Toxic Denouement to the Environment [Download]

Ravi Prakash Maheshvari


Sterically Encumbered Ligands in Coordination Chemistry [Download]

Ritambhara Jangir, Ramaswamy Murugavel


Assessment of Ground Water of Villages Located in Western Zone of Bikaner (Rajasthan) [Download]

Sachin Gupta, Ravi Prakash Maheshvari


Comparative Studies of Air-Pollution of Major Cities of Rajasthan, India [Download]

Shiv Lal, Shulbha Kothari


Environmental Pollution: Introduction to E-Waste and Medical Waste [Download]

Shweta Naware, Dipanshu Naware


Effect of Different Inoculum/Substrate Ratios on Anaerobic Digestion of Pulp and Paper Mill Sludge [Download]

C.Veluchamy, Ajay S. Kalamdhad


E-Waste Management in India[Download]

Vibha Joshi


A Review Paper of Ganga Stream Contamination – Causes and Cure [Download]

Divyank Jain, Nikhil Chhipa, Ravi Prakash Maheswari


E-Waste: Impact on Life and Therefore the Surroundings in India [Download]

Ravinder Charan, Shailendra Singh Jhala, Ravi Prakash Maheshvari


Effect of Environmental Pollution on the performance of Power Transmission lines: Insulator’s Flashover [Download]

Nitesh kataria, KetanTiwari


The Impact of Chemical Fertilizer on the Crop Yield in Jabalpur District : A Geographical Study [Download]

Mahima Kushwaha, Kamlesh Mishra


The Impact of Plastic Bags on Environmental Pollution [Download]

Bhuvnesh Kumar Bamaniya


Municipal Solid Waste Management in the Township Area of Banswara (Rajasthan)[Download]

Chetna Jangid, Ravi Prakash Maheswari


Utilization or Disposal of Fly Ash [Download]

Ms. Rajlaxmi Choudhary


Hybrid Electrical Supply System for Environmental Well Being [Download]

Praful Patidar, Shailendra Goswami


Soil Pollution & Its Solutions [Download]

Kuldeep Bansiwal, Ravi Prakash Maheshvari


The Spiritual Pollution : Cause, Effects and Solutions [Download]

Shulbha Kothari , Shivlal


Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle- India [Download]

Chandrapal Singh Rajpurohit,  Jeeya Ram, Ravinder Charan


A Review Paper on Green Concrete [Download]

Nikhil Chhipa, Divyank Jain, Jeeya Ram


Use of Plastic Waste in Road Construction [Download]

Jeeya Ram, Manish kumawat, Adnan Ansari


Einstein’s Theory of Viscosity – Applicability to Amino Acid Solutions with Urea (Aq) [Download]

Rita Mehra, Shilpi Vats


A Case Study: Environmental Pollution,It’s Effects on Life and its Remedies [Download]

Ankur Kulshreshtha, Dr StutiSrivastava


Analysis and Study of Solid Waste Management Challenges and Options for Treatment (Indian Villages) [Download]

Ankur Kulshreshtha, Dr.Diksha Srivastava


Pollution Externalities and Health: A Study of Indian Rivers [Download]

Ankur Kulshreshth, Dr Vinod Kumar Bais


A  Case Study: Air Pollution and its Control Measures [Download]

Ankur Kulshreshtha, Dr Vinod Kumar Bais


Solid Waste Management: Its Sources, Collection, Transportation and Recycling [Download]

Ankur Kulshreshtha, Dr Diksha Srivastava


Bacteriological Profile of Biomedical Waste [Download]

Ankur Kulshreshtha, Dr Diksha Srivastava


Correcting EO-1 Hyperion Data for Atmospheric Attenuation [Download]

Dr. Hasmukh J. Chauhan


A Practical Study on Hospital Waste Management: Good Practices to be implemented in Cameroonian Hospitals [Download]

Stuti Srivastava, Ankur Kulshreshtha


Medical Waste Management and Control [Download]

Dr. Stuti Srivastava, Ankur Kulshreshtha


Hospital Waste: Nature, Regulations and Policy [Download]

Dr. Stuti Srivastava, Ankur Kulshreshtha


A Brief Review of the Legislative Aspects of Noise Pollution [Download]

Kapil Dev Panchal, Ankur Kulshreshtha


Study of Ground Water Contamination in the Municipality Area of Narnaund (Hisar) [Download]

Rakesh, Ravi Prakash Maheshvari


Electrokinetic Reactor for Heavy Metals removal from Industrial Wastewater Sludges : Design Aspects [Download]

Vihangraj V. Kulkarni, Animes Kumar Golder, Pranab Kumar Ghosh

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